Richard Tayar
Founder and CEO

Richard was born and raised in Florence, Italy. After completing his school years, he moved to the US, graduating from Swarthmore College in 2003. He pursued his passion for Medieval Studies with a master’s degree at the University of Toronto. Following up on his artistic interests, he further obtained a master’s in Museum Studies from New York University.

A very dynamic and sociable personality, Richard decided to complement his academic path with a more entrepreneurial activity; therefore, while volunteering for five years on the production of an important collection catalogue at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, he started his own real estate company, specializing in the sale of apartments in Manhattan. This experience allowed him to exponentially grow his expertise in the mechanisms of New York’s real estate world, as well as develop a keen aesthetic and architectural knowledge, already influenced by the surroundings he grew up in during his childhood in Italy.

Richard decided to put his business experience to good use by becoming a point of reference for Italian investors interested in purchasing real estate in New York. Working with Italian lawyers, accountants and architects, he provides a full service package that makes his clients feel more comfortable throughout the purchase process. A very detail-oriented person, he also quickly understands the best listing price for his target market and is able to provide the best advice to his clients with no waste of time. Whether domestic or international, he knows what clients expect of their broker and helps them analyze every aspect of their property for sale, ultimately directing them toward their goals.

A resident of the Upper East Side and a frequent traveler to Italy, Richard joined Keller Williams with the excitement of expanding the relationship between buyers and sellers in both countries, utilizing his ever-growing network of American and Italian clients. To this end, Richard is thrilled to list luxury properties in Manhattan and from the most beautiful Italian locations, catered to the American and International clientele. Through his exclusive affiliation with local brokers, he is happy to help customers sell their home and locate the new house of their dreams.

2014 Capper – Keller Williams NYC
2013 Silver Medal – Keller Williams NYC
2012 Highest GCI – Keller Williams NYC
2012 Gold Medal – Keller Williams NYC
2012 Career Launch Award – Keller Williams
2012 Quadruple Gold Medal – Keller Williams
2012 Rookie Agent of the Year – Keller Williams NYC