20 New Miami Towers That Will Be Rising Vertically in 2020

Next year is likely to be good for construction in Miami with a new flock of construction cranes now arriving to build the city’s next generation of skyscrapers.

Below is a full list of new towers expected to be under vertical construction in Miami during 2020. All of the projects listed are within the downtown Miami/Brickell area.

Okan Tower (70 stories, 902 feet)

Permitting is underway, with groundbreaking expected in the first three months of 2020. Okan is planned to become the tallest in Miami when complete, with hotel, residential and office space.

Aston Martin Residences (69 stories, 816 feet)

Vertical construction has commenced, and the project is already several stories up with two tower cranes installed.

830 Brickell (50 stories, 734 feet)

Foundation work got underway early last year, and a $300 million construction loan has been secured. The project will become the second tallest office tower in Miami and its most modern.

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Source and Photos: The Next Miami